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As an Intermark intern, you won’t be making coffee or manning the mailroom. What you will be doing is working on real briefs, for real clients. Clients like St. Vincent’s Health System, Toyota, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Sound good? Thought so. Apply today.


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As a summer intern at Intermark Group, you’ll be thrown headfirst into the agency life. The first couple weeks of the summer, you’ll work within your assigned department to learn more about the ins and outs of advertising. You will have the opportunity to sit in on brainstorming meetings, assist on real accounts, and explore the work we produce. All interns will also help plan our annual company picnic, monthly birthday celebrations and other fun events.

At the end of the summer, the interns will collaboratively create and present a pitch to a real-life client. If you want to learn more about how the advertising business really is and experience a better opportunity to confidently prepare you for the workforce, we highly suggest you apply for an exciting summer as an intern at Intermark.

Group photo of our most recent Interns at Intermark


Account Service Intern

Account Service

Assists with the day-to-day interaction and communication with our clients. Works with various departments, including but not limited to, public relations, strategy, media, etc., to ensure all aspects of our clients’ work is completed and executed with a focus on print, radio and broadcast.

All of my professors said that an internship provides an opportunity to learn something that may not have been taught in the classroom. After completing this internship, I can whole-heartedly agree with that statement. Getting an opportunity to build an advertising campaign for such a cool client within an advertising agency was an absolutely incredible experience. I got a great look at what goes into a campaign and how an idea can come to life by working with the other interns to build a project we are all proud of. The amount of support we received from the agency and other intern supervisors was remarkable. I can (reluctantly) leave this internship knowing that I not only formed professional relationships with the interns and Intermark employees, but friendships as well.

Art Direction Intern

Art Direction/Design

Teams up with the copywriter to concept and execute big, brilliant ideas on time and on brief. A love of art and an eye for design are both necessary, but you’ll also need to be a great thinker who picks apart briefs. And once a concept is approved, you’ll have to bring it to life. Your mom will want to put your work on the fridge, even if she doesn’t understand it.

I may be still riding the adrenaline from the pitch to the client, but wow what a summer! This internship met and exceeded all expectations I had set for my summer. It was a great way to gain real-world experience from working on a client and really learn how an advertising agency works. This was my first experience really being immersed in the role of Art Director, and because of this internship I now realize this is 100% the channel of design that I want to build a career around. From day one to the last, there wasn’t a single time that I wasn’t excited about coming into work the next day. From the people I worked with to the environment of Intermark, this internship was the opportunity of a lifetime that I feel so fortunate to have experienced.

Copywriter Intern


Teams up with the art director to concept and execute big, brilliant ideas on time and on brief. You’ll need to love the written word, because after a concept is approved, you’ll be writing, writing, writing across print, radio/ television, online and other cool stuff. And if you make your mentor jealous, you’ve done it right.

Have you ever worked on a group project where everyone is as on fire for making a brilliant outcome as you are? Me either, until I experienced agency life this summer. Welcome to the Intermark family. This internship has not only shown me the thrill and passion of agency life, but it has also truly cemented in me a love for the collaboration and challenge of delivering something exciting each day. No day is the same, and there are never easy answers to creative problems. This has truly been the most fulfilling experience of my career so far. If you want to be challenged, inspired and shaped by people who know what they’re doing and love it—Intermark is the place for you.

Digital Account Service

Digital Account Service

Reviews, analyzes, documents and evaluates business systems, workflows, procedures and data structures. Assists with day-to-day interaction and communication by working with various departments, including but not limited to engineering, digital strategy, analytics, and user experience, etc., to ensure all aspects of our clients’ work is completed and executed with a focus on mobile applications, website development and other digital assets.

This internship was a true immersion into the agency world. I was exposed to a variety of strategy, collaboration, and campaign development initiatives that were truly rewarding through Intermark and Alloy Digital. Interpreting the research for our campaign and collaborating with such a talented intern and mentor team is an experience I will always be thankful for.

Media Intern


Works with the Media Department to assist in buying local advertising on TV, radio, outdoors and digital. Works on a team to create a full media plan for a client, as well as using research tools to better understand target audience’s media consumption habits and create strategic plans to reach them.

My summer as an Intermark intern flew by much quicker than I was expecting. I remember feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed during my first week, but after only a couple of weeks, Intermark started to feel like home. The camaraderie within Intermark is one of the many elements that make the agency such a great place to work. I think I speak for all the 2016 interns in stating that this internship has been by far the most valuable, most enlightening and most empowering experience of my college career. Intermark trusted us to complete our tasks, ask the right questions and represent the agency well. I believe (and hope) we delivered on this trust. We were treated like professionals and provided with all of the tools we needed to be successful this summer. I would not have made it through this summer without the help of professionals like these. Again, thank you to Intermark for such an incredible summer.

Public Relations Intern

Public Relations

Learns the basics of PR including writing press releases, planning events, pitching to key media contacts and developing strategic plans. Helps generate ideas for social media content, campaigns and contests while monitoring online mentions and reviews.

Working at Intermark this summer was an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to work so closely with the talented people at this agency allowed me to grow not only professionally, but personally as well. I gained invaluable experience during this internship. I was challenged, and it allowed me to grow and expand my potential as an individual. This was by far the best experience I have had in my educational career. From working on press releases, to creating social content, to planning events, I was able to improve on many skills throughout the summer. It was truly an incredible environment to be a part of, and I am grateful for the opportunities afforded me through this internship.


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To apply, email your resume, cover letter, writing samples and/or design samples or online portfolio – depending, of course, on what you are applying for — to the appropriate email address below. Be sure to let us know about specific classes you have taken or other work or internship experience. Note: Remember, the more we know about you, the higher your chances for making it into the final selection stage.

Application Deadline: February 24, 2017
Interviews: February 27 – March 10, 2017
Offers: March 27 – March 31, 2017
Internship Dates: May 15 – July 28, 2017


Q: Can I get credit?
A: It all depends on your school. We will be happy to work with your institution if they have a credit-based internship program.

Q: Who do I call for more information?
A: You don’t call. Please review all of the information on this site. If you have a specific question that is not covered on the site, you may email us here: cheryll@intermarkgroup.com. Note: Resume information emailed to this address will NOT be considered.

Q: When will the selection process happen?
A: Resumes, portfolio links, cover letters and references will be accepted through February 24, 2017. Interviews will be conducted February 27 through March 10, 2017. Offer letters will be sent out the week of March 27, 2017. The internship itself will be from May 15 through July 28, 2017.

Q: What if I need to take a class this summer?
A: Odds are very good that it will be OK. As long as you will not be missing more that 30% of the allotted time to the program. However, it is important that you let us know as early as possible (days of the week and times would be helpful as well).

Q: What if I want to apply for the design position and I don’t have an online portfolio?
A: No problem. If you want to email some digital images of your work, please do so. If not, that’s OK, too. The more we see of what you have to offer, the better; but we will be conducting interviews and we will ask if you can bring a portfolio if/when you interview with us.

Q: If I am not certain of which role I would be best suited for, what should I do?
A: You are more than welcome to submit your information to more than one email address. The selection committees will be made up of managers from various departments within Intermark Group. They will be evaluating candidates for their specialty areas.

Q: Is this a paid internship?
A: This is a paid internship and class credit is available.


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For specific inquiries not addressed by the FAQ section, please email:

Intermark Group, Inc.
101 25th St. North
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